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Walk in Tub Ottawa


1000 + happy clients





Canadian designed tubs equipped with Canadian components

Best display showroom ...Best bumper to bumper warranty 

Assembly in Ottawa, largest selection of accessories

Best reviewed in Canada with the BBB and on Google


Why choose us 

-Best reviewed in Canada in our industry

-Note that during the Pandemic, we are the only walk in tub company in Canada that never ran out of tubs or accessories...that is because we realize there is strength in numbers which is why we network with other companies across the world.

-Best warranty in the industry , lifetime warranty on everything including tubs shell, door seal, support frame, drain kits, faucets, blowers and pumps

-We support the CHEO foundation

-Its easy to see by our website and our partners website that we are by far the most advanced walk in tub companies in the industry


-We are the only " real" walk in tub company in the area as opposed to just being a sales force for companies that are not local

-Not to "toot our own horn" but we are the most advanced and educated walk in tub company in Canada which is why we offer more accessories and more brands of walk in tubs than any competitor...having sold many brands of walk in tubs across Canada for the past 10 years with every accessory available, we think by now we know a thing or two about these products...we can explain to you what works well and what doesn't work well and why

-We have tested a dozen brands of tubs over the years so we have plenty of experience with different brands of tubs, different brands of faucets sets and different brands of accessories and jet systems


-We are the most creditable and most trusted hence our collaboration with companies and organizations such as Canada Care Medical, Les Entreprises Medicales de L'Outaouais, Conval Aid, Good Access, CareFor Centre, Veterans Affairs, Renos4life, Puddicombe Accessibility professional, LHIN,  just to name a few

-Because we are the most creditable, we have been chosen to be the Canadian Distributor for the unique Molly Bather bathlift ( see our Molly bather bathlift ) 

-We actually know who manufactures our tubs, most of our competitors do not

-We deal with more Canadian manufactures/suppliers than our competitors

-We've installed specialty tubs our competitors have never even seen

-We are the only company in Canada to display the newest models in the industry which happen to be the most functional products we could find in the world but its best for you to see for yourself

-We network with other walk in tub companies around the world..there is strength in numbers and this way we can also best fit you with a tub that suit your personal needs and sense of style and this helps with our education about the industry

- Unlike all of our local competitors, we deal directly with walk in tub manufactures and whirlpool system/accessories manufactures


-We are the only local company to install jet systems and accessories in our tubs making us by far the most advance technicians and our installers are also trained on the installation of the accessories and jet systems

-We have access to every type of walk in tub out there including what our local competitors sell as we can buy directly from the factory but our competitors do not have access to most tubs we offer nor do they buy directly from any manufacture

- Our new models are better built and more functional which is why we promote them the most. 

-we offer customized solutions our competitors cannot offer ( see our Gallery )

-We can create for you the most luxurious tub as we offer more options then everyone else

-Best trained installer by 7 suppliers on our journey across North America to source out products, this and above statements mentioned would by far make us the most experienced technicians in our industry

-Our new models are the deepest tubs in the industry and since we offer more options then anyone else we can help you to create for yourself the most luxurious personal spa in the industry

-Our new models are the best built and here's why: they have the thickest shell with a pure white acrylic finish, they have sturdier support frames which are fiberglassed to the tubs shell in several areas making for a much more solid structure, the tub doors are bolted through the tubs shell and through a half inch aluminum plate as opposed to just being screwed on like most, easier to use door latches which are also non intrusive, 2 locking latch pins on the outswing doors which creates and equal pressure door seal and keeps the door from warping over time, gear and gear shaft door locking mechanism makes for smooth operation and never wears, Brand name ADA compliant fastest filling faucets rated for 18 gpm @ 60 psi, fastest gravity drains with 2-2 inch drains and more jets for a better massage

-Our new transfer tubs are the most functional tubs and here's why: lowest threshold in its class, deepest tubs in the industry for a much better soaking experience, most exposed seat with open door means you're more stable when sitting down to transfer your legs in and out of the tub and also makes it most accessible for wheelchair transfers, ADA lever type faucets and has the easiest door latching system which is also non intrusive in case of assisted bathing.

-Having a background in residential and commercial construction as well as having experience with so many brands of tubs, we are able to provide you with the most detailed and accurate estimates


-Unlike all local competitors we choose every accessory that goes into our tubs including the drain kits since we have so much experience dealing with all types of accessories from different manufactures..most of our accessories are from a Canadian manufacture

-Unlike some our competitors we've always been honest about where are products are manufactured and have never tried to mislead the public like many have and do

-We are the chosen local walk in tub installers for WSIB  because of our extensive experience


-We were the chosen company to supply bathing products for the Carefor group home in Richmond as we are the only company that could supply them with the specialty products they needed to accommodate the different types of residents they have


-We take on the complicated installations our competitors refuse to do


-We offer a great selection of acrylic wall panels ( see Gallery ) by a Canadian supplier that come with a lifetime warranty

-We don't hire typical walk in tub sales people as they usually have little to no knowledge about home renovations and the walk in tubs themselves as they have never installed one or even worked on one, so honestly, what would they really know ?

-We have invested more then anyone else in Canada on display models which include state-of-the-art products as we take our business very seriously hence our success


-we have more parts on hand for repairs ( just in case ) than any local competitor, after all , we accessorize most of our tubs here in Ottawa so we have plenty of pumps in stock as well as complete jet systems etc


-We've been wholesaling and retailing across Canada since 2011 and now serving North America

-Because we have a showroom,  a shop, offer customized solutions, and have direct access to the manufactures,  we can serve you better then others


- We have over 1000 happy customers


-We are the oldest walk in tub company and the most stable in the Ottawa area, meaning we'll be around for many years to come while others come and go as we have already seen and we now are servicing tubs from those companies that are gone

-Because we are the most resourceful and most solid walk in tub business in our industry locally, we have direct access to every walk in tub manufacture and are the only ones to buy direct.

-In business since 2008


-Best reviewed in Canada with the Better Business Bureau , click on this link to see our reviews